Hush Puppies - Resolve Waterproof Shoe

  • $139.99

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A perfect hybrid of technology, the Resolve is one of our hottest selling shoes for the year round missionary. Made on the same durable gum sole as the Energy, it has been called our most comfortable shoe by more than a few missionaries.

The way it does it is remarkable: starting with a direct attach, durable sole, they then smoothed out the toe. Fewer stitches mean fewer seams to potentially split, so that's a great place to start. Next, they took off the traditional leather padded collar and replaced it with the same collar as the Energy slip-on.

What does that mean to you? It means the non-abrasive neoprene collar is up against your ankle instead of the leather, meaning less friction, less wear and tear, and more comfort. The neoprene keeps the foot down more securely in the footbed, keeping the support of the foot firmly on the much-needed arch supports and less on the ball and heel.

Let's not forget it is fully waterproof and ready for polish. Just because it's rugged doesn't mean you can't dress it up for Sundays. A perennial missionary favorite: the Resolve.

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