CTR Clothing Athletic Fit Non-Iron Shirt

  • $26.99

In a classic example of "if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself", we bring you our Athletic fit non-iron dress shirt. We have worked with every dress shirt company under the sun and none of them could produce the shirt we needed in our missionary line.

We asked for the following:

60/40 Cotton/Poly Blended Pinpoint fabric - Literally the fabric weave used in the finest business shirts in the world. Extraordinarily crisp and clean looking, and less see-through than most other fabrics, it is superbly suited for missionary work. (Most factories offered us oxford cloth or broadcloth. Oxford cloth is too thick, coarse, and rigid to be truly breathable and it looks unprofessional, and broadcloth is too thin and weak to be washed on rocks and washboards.)

Athletic Cut Design - Most dress shirts are made for businessmen or older men who have relatively larger midsections. Most missionaries don't have the girth their older counterparts do so they need a shirt that fits differently. One that has a broader shoulder and narrower waist.

True Non-Iron Washability - A lot of shirts say "wrinkle-free", but since there is no way of knowing how wrinkle free unless you buy it and wash it, it's not uncommon to get stuck with a shirt that is anything but wrinkle-free. We don't like that any more than you do. We had to make our shirt genuinely able to wash it and wear it right out of the dryer.

Convertible cuff - Sure it's a work shirt, but wearing it out on special occasions isn't out of the question. Which is why we insisted on the cuff being made with the ability to wear it with cuff-links.

When no one could offer us all of those features in one package, we made it ourselves. Is it a little more money than some? Yes. Because it is, quite bluntly, that much better shirt.

Need a bunch of shirts? Save a few dollars by going with the 10-shirt pack.

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