Crystallux Deodorant

Crystallux Deodorant

  • $7.99

One of the first things that nearly every missionary is surprised to find out upon touching down in a foreign country is that people in the United States are unique in that they regularly purchase and use deodorant.

Of course that isn't to say the people from other countries smell bad, it's just that they don't regularly use American style deodorant. That means the chance of a missionary being able to readily purchase deodorant outside of the U.S. is pretty slim.

In comes the crystal stick deodorant. It's not like what you've used before, because this is literally a salt crystal you use underneath your arms and on your feet to stay smelling clean and presentable.

The idea is that the wearer will put it on while their skin is still wet (the stick glides much better and is more effective that way) and the salt destroys the bacteria on the surface of your skin that cause that odor we affectionately call B.O.

It's not an antiperspirant because antiperspirants block your body's natural cooling mechanism, causing your body to actually become warmer than if it were allowed to sweat normally. That's never a good thing.

The makers of this product guarantee a single stick will last a year. We've tested them and seen them go for over 18 months. (Unless you drop one on a tile floor, in which case... it's a salt stone and it's in pieces.)

A bonus benefit from containing no antiperspirants is that it won't yellow white shirts or undergarments either! Pretty great stuff.

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