CTR Clothing Lightweight Washable Slack (w/expander waist)

CTR Clothing Lightweight Washable Slack (w/expander waist)

  • $44.99

This is one of our perennial favorites.

A revolutionary pant designed for missionaries by missionaries. You won't find a better pant than this on the market when it comes to keeping cool and looking sharp.

This is no ordinary microfiber. This is a microfiber woven of a Super Tetron fiber which results in a super-fine, ultra-lightweight fabric yet, it is also exceptionally strong, so even when you're out in 100-degree weather you stay cool and carefree. At the end of a long sweaty workday, you can toss them right into the wash and they come out without a wrinkle!

We've also improved our pant to allow for the notorious "Mission Addition" many Elders face when out in the mission field and eating well. This design allows for two inches of flex within the waistband to eliminate alterations and cut down on stress in the seams and fabric.

Having used this fabric for over 15 years now, we have yet to see a missionary put a single hole in the fabric itself through normal wear.

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