Genesis Trim Fit Two-Pant Suit

  • $259.99

We worked closely with one of our most reliable suit factories to make sure everything the new Genesis Trim Fit suit is the best Genesis we have ever produced. Technically the 4th generation of Genesis suits, this is the first with stretch features in both the jacket and in the pants. Spandex armbands through the back of the coat relieve the tension of a stodgy, traditional suit while the hidden elastic waistband makes sure no meal goes missed, and no tailoring needs to be done to keep the pant up and running. (Even in the case of a waistline shift.)

What else have we done to make the new Genesis Trim different? We reinforced the fabric, slimmed down the profile, and bolstered the strength of the seams so you can work in this suit with confidence. Don't forget, as with all of our suits: two pants come standard.

This suit is the one you want if you want something that goes the distance and looks good doing it. Genesis Trim Fit.

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