Tailoring and Alteration Services

In addition to offering some of the best in clothing and accessories, we also offer tailoring for items you may have hanging in your closet already.

When you come in and purchase suits or slacks from us, we offer basic tailoring at no charge on most items. However, if you have an old suit or pair of pants you haven't worn in a while because they just don't fit right, a little tailoring can work wonders to bring that garment back to life. 

Here are just a few of the tailoring services we offer:


  • Taking in / letting out waist
  • Shorten or lengthening hem
  • Tapering pant legs
  • Replacing the zipper

Suit Coats

  • Shortening / lengthening sleeves
  • Taking in the sides (slimming the midsection)
  • Shortening the coat length
  • Dropping the collar

Dress Shirts

  • Shortening sleeves
  • Tapering sides (slimming the midsection)
  • Replacing buttons


  • Sewing on missing buttons
  • Installing suspender buttons
  • Split seams
  • Undone hems
  • and more!

Call us at 480-833-0733 for pricing and to schedule your fitting or just come on in anytime during business hours and our professional staff will tell you what we can do and give you a free quote at no obligation.

The only thing we ask is that the items are professionally dry cleaned before you bring them in for tailoring. This is a no-exceptions rule we have in place for the health and safety of our tailors. Please bring in your items with the tags from the cleaners still attached for verification. 

We look forward to helping you look great!