CTR Clothing Trio Overcoat

CTR Clothing Trio Overcoat

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The trick when it comes to making a great coat is that when you really get it right, others will notice and try to copy it.

We originated the Trio coat design years ago, and have been steadily improving on it since. What makes this coat stand out from the crowd of similar looking coats?

Our Trio coat has a more flexible waterproof shell, has true zip in and zip out linings (no more loose buttons), is fully waterproof, has a snap off hood, and a fleece lining that is twice as thick (read warm) as any other similar coat system. Remove the lining and you've got a medium weight rain jacket that is fully waterproof, as well as a conservative fleece coat that can be worn on its own.

We decided to use a dependable zipper with dual pulls so when it's freezing cold outside you don't have to unzip all the way from the top to get to your pockets, you can unzip from the bottom and reach your inner pockets while keeping your core warm.

With proper layering and care, this coat has kept missionaries toasty warm in every state in the US and in hundreds of countries around the world.