CTR Clothing Washable Tie

  • $10.00
  • Save $15

Our line of Teflon Treated Microfiber Ties is famous for being tough, inexpensive and yet stylish at the same time. Polyester ties are a good start, but that isn't enough for our missionaries. With the added protection of Teflon, you can spill spaghetti sauce or salsa on them and still just wipe them off with a damp cloth like it never happened.

Even better, they are fully machine washable, so even if that spaghetti fight destroyed your white shirt, your tie will come away unscathed. Perfection.

These ties are guaranteed Mission Approved. Meaning they are in compliance with LDS.org guidelines regarding color and width. If any tie is reported unacceptable, we will replace it with another tie and pull the pattern from our line.

All CTR Clothing Microfiber Ties are a 3-inch width.