Monterey 2.0 Luggage (3-Piece SET)

  • $359.99

When looking for luggage, it's easy to get overwhelmed. There are hundreds of different options and prices, and it's difficult to know what works and what will leave you looking for the duct tape.

We've done years of research and worked with dozens of different companies to find the perfect combination of value, style, and durability.

The Monterey Luggage Set will impress you without breaking the bank. 1800d poly-woven fabric is the top of the line and water and stain treated to repel the elements when transferring from area to area.

A honeycomb flex frame makes the whole bag impact resistant, while the ball bearing outset wheels provide a stable base.

All pieces connect together to make carrying all three pieces a breeze even with just one hand!

The Monterey 2.0 uses patented technology to showcase a fully separate but skillfully integrated garment compartment in all three cases, so you can fold and stow your suits, slacks, or shirts neatly and with less worry about how to fold them properly.

All of this, backed by a lifetime limited warranty to give you peace of mind when thousands of miles away from home.

Some of our customers will ask, "Do I really need all three cases?"

Our answer is yes, you absolutely need three cases if you're going to lug two years worth of clothes and accessories around the globe.

The larger two are designed to be checked at the airport, but they can't be over 50lbs otherwise you could be stuck with an overweight fee of $75 to $150 per bag every time you fly. Use the carry-on and your backpack to offload the excess weight and heavier items (shoes, boots, books, etc) because they generally don't weigh the smaller bag. That way you'll save yourself time and money at the gate. Who doesn't love saving money?

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