Railtek Ratchet Belt - Canvas

  • $34.95

"So what's different about your belts?"

It's a question we hear often in the store and it's a fair one. It's possible to get a basic belt for less than $10 if you look around a little, so why is our most inexpensive belt around $30? Because they are some of the best in a new generation of ratcheting-style belts that change the way you hold up your slacks.

There are no traditional holes in the belt. Gone are the five punches through the leather. In their place is a 10-inch track that allows you to adjust within as little as 1/4 of an inch. Your waist size: perfectly adjusted to you and the day. 

Railtek belts may not be as well known as some other ratchet belt brands but they are a favorite here at Pomeroys because they are a great price and they are just flat-out tough.

Railtek guarantees the belt against any problems for 2 years, so you know you can trust it too. 

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