Tempo Slim Fit Non-Iron Dress Shirt (Non-Stretch Fabric)

  • $22.50

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Slim fit shirts are what every fashionable young man is looking for. Yet many are disappointed to find that while many slim fit shirts look great, but after one or two washings, they don't hold up. They need ironing, or even worse: they shrink, making an already tight shirt uncomfortably snug. 

Those reasons and much more caused us to design a slim shirt of our own in a blend similar to our famous Classic and Athletic fit. They wear like iron, are less see-through than most, and wash up better than any other shirt we've tested. 

In short, we took a great line of shirts and slimmed down everything: the sleeve, the chest, and the body and kept everything else. 

Because of the slimmer nature of this shirt, it is recommended you order a half size larger than measured. 

This shirt does not have a pocket. (If you'd like a slim fit shirt with a pocket, you might be looking for our new Tempo Stretch Slim Fit Shirt.)


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