Tempo Slim Fit Non-Iron Pocketed Dress Shirt w/stretch

  • $34.99

Our original Tempo Slim Fit shirts were great, but as we are always improving, we took feedback from our customers and asked ourselves: "How can we make it better?"

So how do you go about making an already awesome shirt better? You add some flex to the fabric for starters. With a slimmer fit usually comes more restriction, and we wanted to change that. Taking our world-famous blend of cotton and poly and weaving in a healthy dose of Spandex turned the shirt into the most comfortable and flexible shirt we have ever made. 

We also noticed a big gaping hole in the market we felt we needed to fill: a slim-fit shirt with a pocket. Search around and you'll see, this is truly a product no one makes... until now. Other companies may claim they do, but they either don't have pockets or they are made mostly of literal plastic, which just won't cut it. Not after you've tried a shirt like this one.

You won't find a shirt that fits better, moves better, or performs better than this shirt.  

Because of the slimmer nature of this shirt, it is recommended you order a half size larger than you measure. 

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