Wool Blend Dress Slack

  • $59.99

There is more to a great washable pant than just making it out of a washable fabric. Many of the slacks out on the market, including those of our competition, are fairly decent washable blended slacks.

This one is more than decent, it's great. Starting with a 50/50 Wool/Poly blend was a great start, making the pant breathable, durable, and look great over the long term.

The next step was to create a waistband that would outperform all others on the market. One that gives flex room, but is still as sturdy as a standard static waistband found in high end slacks. The multi-link stretch is unique in the industry, and no other missionary retailer has it. It makes the operation of the expansion smooth and seamless, with no unsightly elastic bands stretching into view.

Next we took the most flattering silhouette and used it for this pant. Meaning no pleats, no extra baggy material left over, and not too slim or tight either, because these are designed to be work pants, after all.

Our best pant will impress and surprise you. Guaranteed.

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