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Thermal Underwear Top

Thermal Underwear Top

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Shirt Size (Think tee-shirt size.)
We searched far and wide to find thermals that were suitable for missionary work. There are many brands out there who use compression fabrics that are thin, but just not warm enough. There are others that are just too hot for as much physical activity as missionaries do.

This Silvadur-infused thermal set was the only one to do the job to our satisfaction. It wicks moisture away, it is very specifically designed for extreme cold, but maximum activity, so in a nutshell, perfect for missionary use.

It keeps missionaries from Idaho to the lower tip of South America toasty and comfy while fighting off the odor that can develop at the same time. (You still need to wear deodorant. Nothing replaces that...)

This is only available in white because white is far better looking under a white shirt than the red, blue, or black that seems to be standard colors for thermal-wear.

Why not just get thermal garments? Well, we can say that they will work as well. They will keep you warm. No question about that. They'll go on keeping you warm even into the late afternoon. When the temperature has risen 20 degrees. And you're miles away from your apartment.

Looks like you'll be sweating buckets back to your place because you can't just remove your thermal garments, can you? Nope. But look at your companion! He's ducked into a public restroom and pulled off the thermals he wisely purchased at Pomeroy's to put OVER his garments and now he's comfy and smiling.

Which companion will you be? Smiley or Sweaty?

Be Elder Smiley. Buy these.
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